Industry Focussed Solutions

There are various industries whose small but critical business processes are covered in Phase-1.
Currently, these are:

  • Addressee's the Pain Area of Real Estate Brokers, like:
    • Systemize data for No. of Units Available for Sale/ Re-sale
    • Systemize data for No. of Units Available for Purchase
    • Data Security via User Management
  • Communication to desired Group Via:
    • SMS
    • Email
  • Management of:
    • Buyer Details
    • Seller Details
  • Resource Management can also be integrated to cover entire processes (refer over2cloud Resource Management & other related offering)
  • Exhaustive MIS & Dynamic User wise Dashboard
  • Manages appointment integrated with all the possible modes to eases the appointment processes for a prospective clients in an effective manner:
    • Auto Push Messaging (Push SMS)
    • Pull Messaging over Virtual Number (Pull SMS)
    • Voice: In Bound Dialer (IVRS over IBD)
    • Voice: Out Bound Dialer (IVRS over OBD)
    • Online Mode
    • Touch Screen based Kiosks
    • Mobile Applications over Android, IPhone, Blackberry, Symbian etc.
    • .
  • Various confirmations / re-scheduling etc. are sent via automated Push SMS & Mail or as notification on the smart phone
  • Post service feedback can also be integrated as help desk tool (refer over2cloud Help Desk Management offering)
  • Management gets an analytical Graphical MIS

More details about any of these mentioned enterprise solutions can be provided with relevant case examples.