CRM Management

Over2cloud's Customer Relationship Management is an ideal solution for personalized interaction with the customer, recording the feedback for the offerings for improvisation analytics. It strongly focuses on various modes of communication like Call center based Helpline Nos, IVRS, Online feedback forms, Email, Long code based SMS.

Some of the salient features are:

  • Prospective Customer Management:
    With Option of Basic / Complete Details
    Relationship Management with Owners & Operational Managers
  • Existing Customer Management:
    With Option of Basic / Complete Details
    Relationship Management with Owners & Operational Managers
  • Existing Associate / Vendor Management:
    With Option of Basic / Complete Details
    Relationship Management with Owners & Operational Managers
  • Feedback Management:
    Integrated with various modes like normal SMS over CSS based SMS system
    Collates analytics based on responses
  • Escalation Management:
    For all the negative responses, various hierarchies are mapped with SLA for responding else escalates to higher level
    Collates analytics based on action taken
  • Offering Management:
    Mapped with respective Sub-Offering, Product & Brand
  • Knowledge Resource Management:
    Training & Development Materials
    Sales & Marketing Materials
  • Target Management:
    Target Allotment & Achievement
  • Activity Management:
    Scheduling & Setting Reminders Via Online
  • MIS Management:
    Report Submission Via Online

More details about the solution or demo can be provided with relevant case examples on demand.

The solution flow depicted below is about the way various ways instances via which the customers can be delighted along with modes of feedback management & related escalation management:

Feedback Management

Over2Cloud's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has following benefits:

  • Integrated solution with various modes of communications available over central database like:
    Auto Push Messaging (Push SMS)
    Pull Messaging over Virtual Number (Pull SMS)
    Voice: In Bound Dialer (IVRS over IBD)
    Voice: Out Bound Dialer (IVRS over OBD)
    Online Mode
    Touch Screen based Kiosks
    Mobile Applications over Android, IPhone, Blackberry, Symbian etc.
  • Helps organize the entire CRM team from top to bottom
  • Manages the database systematically be it be for:
    Generation of lead (prospective customers),
    Existing customers,
    Business associates,
    Target industries etc.
  • Moreover, it helps to identify:
    Customers Business Analytics: Based on various parameters like:
    • Satisfied over non-satisfied to improvise the quality
    • Type of product business comes from to strategies the promotions
  • Customers can be updated about various personalized information for different services (as explained & depicted in subsequent slides) related to them automatically with or without integration from the existing system.
  • It can even uniquely be used for seeking the feedback or Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) about the various product / services from the customers with respective feedback to be escalated to different levels as per defined SLA
  • The solution gives a clarity on the parameters to be enhanced for delighted customer satisfaction
  • Mobi-Help Desk Facility can also be integrated with this solution that takes care of all the issues / problems of the Customer Help Desk with provision of SLA escalation & Resolution Analysis
  • SMS is the most convenient, efficient, economical and unique tool of CRM
  • Assist the respective hierarchies involved in CRM for:
    Task Management with respect to various customers
    Reminder / Scheduler via Dashboard
    Business Associate Relationship Management
    Salary Management
    Attendance Management
    Incentive Management
    Content Management (Thought, Jock of day etc.)
    Graphical Analytical MIS

Hence, it's focused on approach to understand your customers better to delight them for business based on strong relationships.