Help Desk & Asset Management

Over2cloud's Help Desk & Asset Management is an effective centralized help desk system covering all the regular complaints/ feedbacks/ request of all the users from the various departments with provision to extend this services to the customers as well.

Some of the salient features are:

  • Four Levels of Login Management for User & Dashboard:
    Over All Coordinator:
    HOD/ Department Level Coordinator:
    Normal User
  • Utility Management:
    Contact Master
    Group Master
    Escalation Master
    Shift Master
    DND Master
    Stock Master
    Feedback Master
    Location Master
    Allow Mobile Master
    Allow Time Configuration
    SMPP Mail Configuration
    Pull Keyword Configuration
    Account Status
  • Help-Desk Management:
    Escalation Mapping up to three levels
    Configure Feedback Drafts with pre-defined resolution time
    Trigger Feedback through SMS / E-mail to multiple Recipient
    Lodging the feedback with auto-generated ticket ID
    Transact / Close of Complaint after Resolution
    Auto Escalation of Feedback for not resolved within Resolution Time
    Tracking of Pending & Resolved Feedback
    Reports of all incoming & outgoing Feedback with Department, Status & Time Parameter
  • Asset Management:
    Category wise asset management
    Various assets are mapped with vendor & support details
    Mapped with allotted departments, employees
  • Compliance Management:
    Hardware / Service wise multiple reminders Set Up Via SMS & Email
  • Feedback Management Via:
    Mobile Apps
  • Communication Master based on departments/ groups/ Users Via:
    Instant SMS
    Schedule SMS
    Instant Mail
    Schedule Mail
  • Analytical MIS Generation for various modules on wild search basis
  • Existing Client Management:
    With Option of Basic / Complete Details
    Relationship Management with Owners & Operational Managers
  • Existing Associate / Vendor Management:
    With Option of Basic / Complete Details
    Relationship Management with Owners & Operational Managers
  • Offering Management:
    Mapped with respective Sub-Offering, Product & Brand
  • Knowledge Resource Management:
    Training & Development Materials
    Sales & Marketing Materials

More details about the solution or demo can be provided with relevant case examples on demand.

The solution flow depicted below is about the modes for ticket management collation & escalated to the respective hierarchies & the management if not addressed as per SLA & MIS Generation:

Help Desk & Asset Management

Over2Cloud's Help Desk Management has following benefits:

  • Builds up a 'strong system' that is independent of an individual.
  • Leaves 'no communication gap' between various departments.
  • Since 'integrated with ICT' so smoothens the internal day-to-day working in an effective manner:
    • Auto Push Messaging (Push SMS)
    • Pull Messaging over Virtual Number (Pull SMS)
    • Voice: In Bound Dialer (IVRS over IBD)
    • Voice: Out Bound Dialer (IVRS over OBD)
    • Online Mode
    • Touch Screen based Kiosks
    • Mobile Applications over Android, IPhone, Blackberry, Symbian etc.
  • Asset Management is well taken care of with all history mapped in terms of vendor, allotment to employees, support issue etc.
  • 'Sets up an expectancy' based on stipulated timeline for various tasks like requests, feedback, complaints etc.
  • 'Transparently' identifies the workers with non-workers across various departments.
  • Is on way to go for 'paperless'.
  • Ticketing System based help desk system is good for 'tracking' the status.
  • Management Information System is built up for 'analytics'.

Thus, enhances the productivity of the organization as whole with MIS analytics on HOD & senior management level.