Front Office and Visitor Management

Over2Cloud's Visitor Alert Management (VAM) takes care of various concerns of security of an organization keeping the convenience of the visitors & other regular front office management via smooth communication flows.

It is very useful for large industry campuses, LPO, BPO etc., some of the salient features are:

  • An easy & user friendly solution for Security/ Reception/ Admin to manage Front Office Management
  • Visitor details based on history (if available) with photo
  • Pre-Request form is available to all the HOD /employees (as required) for pre-planned scheduled visits with articles to be allowed
  • For all non scheduled visits notifications goes as an e-mail to the concerned meeting person to seek permission that can further be accepted or denied based prior appointment & availability with comments
  • Provision of regular Vendors/ Courier for front office Management
  • Dynamic User wise exhaustive Dashboard with various pre-requisite form, visitor In & visitor exit details
  • Admin gets an auto alert with concerned details via Mail & SMS if visitor stays longer than allowed time.
  • Notifications to desired Group/ Departments Via:
  • MIS export facility into excel / Pdf with the desired features

More details about the solution or demo can be provided with relevant case examples on demand.

The solution flow depicted below is about the way various automated communications happen as the visitor / vendor arrives at security to manage seamless communications between various departments:

Front Office and Visitor Management:Solutions

Over2Cloud's Visitor Alert Management (VAM) has following benefits:

  • Such a user friendly that even security guards, reception or normal admin/ front office staff can handle it very easily.
  • Camera is configured with the solution
  • Auto SMS & Email notifications makes the communication flow instant & smooth
  • Vendor Management to an extent is also managed
  • Exhaustive Dashboard gives clear picture of what is status of the activities
  • Admin gets an auto alert with concerned details via Mail & SMS if visitor stays longer than allowed time.
  • Can be used as communication master to the desired Group/ Departments Via:
    SMS mode &
    Email mode
  • Graphical MIS & Dynamic User wise Dashboard gives various analytics required to the concerned management
  • The solution can also be integrated over touch screen based kiosks or Tab

Thus, it is very useful for large industry campuses, LPOs, BPOs, or any enterprises etc.